Supply crisiswhy Friedrich customers have an advantage!

International trade conflicts and the corona epidemic in China are causing major concerns for manufacturing companies. Delivery bottlenecks shake trust in established supply chains around the world. In some companies, production lines are not moving, because of a lack of materials. We should not be surprised, because the current crisis situation is the result of latent dependencies on suppliers in the Far East.

Why Friedrich customers have an advantage!

Currently, more and more worried customers are asking us whether our delivery capability is guaranteed. The good news is: YES!

We produce at three locations exclusively in Germany – on state-of-the-art machines, according to German environmental, quality and safety standards.

We get our yarns from certified manufacturers in Europe and also rely on European suppliers for the raw materials for our textile finishing. In this way, environmental impacts due to unregulated production in the Far East and CO2 emissions from long transport routes are avoided. Therefore, unlike many textile suppliers, we are independent of China and do not expect bottlenecks.

The overall picture shows that trade conflicts, punitive duties, environmental pollution and production downtimes are unpredictable risks for business continuity. Has the dark side of globalization been underestimated? Which sectors are affected? Which solutions exist? Philipp Seubert, authorized representative at Georg + Otto Friedrich, answers these questions in an interview. Find out why Friedrich customers have a clear advantage.

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