ExtraWIDEtextiles (5m+)

The demand is increasing for textile solutions for large-format applications. Trade fair Construction Industry, Event Decoration Industry (e.g. concerts) and outdoor applications require impeccable, consistent quality fabrics for seamless print motifs. In order to meet this demand, we offer high-quality Friedrich fabrics in the format 5m and beyond. Among the bestsellers StandardFlag KFL, DecoTex GFS, Midnight and BlackbackStretch, we present five further product highlights: Knit-Voile, FreeMesh, Microlux Heavy, Brush GFS and Re-DecoTex GFS.

ExtraWIDE textiles (5m+)

Knit-Voile KFL | 4035KFL
Lightweight, transparent textile, similar to a voile but easier to process, ideal for trade fair construction and 3D applications.
Available widths: 310 cm, 505 cm

FreeMesh GFS | 2582GFS
PVC-free mesh, high air permeability, high tear resistance, very suitable for outdoor use, easy installation, since foldable, recyclable.
Available widths: 310 cm, 510 cm

Microlux Heavy GFS | 8179WGFS
Lightbox article without diffusion layer, extra dense, soft, wrinkle-sensitive.
Available widths: 260 cm, 315 cm, 510 cm