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In the field of technical textiles, our fabrics are often the basis of high-quality components. The areas of application and possibilities are almost limitless and for each application there is a specific and complex requirement profile. Together with our customers, we develop the ideal solution for this.

Experience as a base

With over 70 years of experience in the development of technical textiles, including an extensive sample archive with many sampling options, we have already created a good basis for many new developments on which to build. Probably, we have already produced exactly the textile you have been looking for.

Reliability and flexibility

Reliability is for us the highest good to be able to guarantee process flows of our customers.

Just in time was yesterday, today quick response to demand and fast delivery are the most important criteria for success. We have a large warehouse covering all production stages and maintain appropriate stock levels.

Reliability also means that our goods can be relied upon, both in terms of quality (the right product), but also in terms of quality standard (conformity to specification). Successful supply chain management combined with successful capacity planning enable us to respond flexibly and at short notice to large demand requirements.

Research and development

Our own development department ensures that we can quickly and effectively - together with you - develop products and bring them to market.

Examples of applications

Among others we offer textiles for automotive suppliers, the abrasive industry, the medical sector, the mattress and ceiling industry, protective clothing and a variety of other industries.

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you.


  • Coating substrate: synthetic leather
  • Lining: seats
  • Mesh: sun protection
  • Velour: cable winding tapes / bordering tapes for door mat
  • Hook and loop velour: reinforcement
  • Flat fabric: headliner for caravan
  • Deco structure: car headliner / car pillar / parcel shelves in cars
  • Coating substrates: ostomy
  • Lining: surgical gowns
  • Mesh: hernial nets
  • Velour: surgical drapes / incontinence underpads
  • Hook and loop velour: orthopaedic bandages
  • Deco structure: orthopaedic shoe inlays
  • Coating substrate: PPE (personal protective equipment)/ lapel / seam sealing tapes
  • Lining: breathable laminates
  • Mesh: ventilation / sportswear / laundry bag / bridal fashion
  • Velour: bra-channeling / Thermo-lining / slippers
  • Flat fabric: bra-hook / safety vest
  • Deco structure: opaque ventilation
  • Coating substrate: synthetic leather / furniture
  • Lining: quilted lining for mattress covers
  • Mesh: fly screen / air circulation in blanketsEin
  • Velour: edging tapes / bags / suitcases / table
  • Hook and loop velour: boxspring / carpet / floor cleaner
  • Flat fabric: inner bag for pillow filling
  • Mesh: reinforcement / refurbishment of the flat roofs
  • Hook and loop velour: floor heating system / plaster grater boards
  • Deco structure: acoustic stretch ceilings
  • Coating substrate: composites for aviation
  • Lining: filter
  • Mesh: filter
  • Velour: polishing wheels
  • Hook and loop velour: loop fastener for abbrasive discs
  • Flat fabric: conveyor belts
  • Mesh: sleeping bags
  • Velour: dolls
  • Flat fabric: toys / school satchels

Technical textiles are not always visible, but often serve as the basis for many process implementations

We look forward to receiving your enquiries or suggestions. Please send us an e-mail or just call us.

+49 (0) 6071 492-0

We look forward to receiving your enquiries or suggestions. Please send us an e-mail or just call us.

+49 (0) 6071 492-0