Facial masksused increasingly and self-made

Professional protective masks of categories FFP2 and FFP3 should be reserved for doctors and nurses or people with previous illnesses. However, it is now assumed that even simple masks can also be helpful.

Facial masks - polyester fabrics from GOF

For example, the president of the German medical association, advises to wear such masks (NTV, March 26, 2020). These masks do not protect against infection, but they could reduce the risk of infecting others or yourself. This is done on the one hand by reducing the air flow when talking, sneezing or coughing, but on the other hand by less often touching the face and therefore the mucous membranes.

In Asia, wearing the mask is less self-protection than an act of courtesy to others. Depending on the development of the situation in Europe, we also have to come to see a mask with ourselves or our counterpart no longer as negative / scary, but as positive / protective.

If we assume that we will use respirators in Europe and other parts of the world significantly more in the future, then such a mask must also have an acceptance. The tighter the mask closes, the higher the effectiveness, but it is less comfortable. We therefore assume that a large number of the masks used will not be “medical masks”, but simple masks, possibly even printed and with fashionable elements.

At this point, the polyester fabrics from GOF exactly meet these requirements:

– the fabrics can be printed in both transfer- and direct sublimation printing. These dyes are already used in the clothing industry. Please check the skin compatibility your dyes with your supplier.
– our customers often have automatic fabric cutters
– Knitwear can be easily cut (no fraying)
– in the case of automatic cutting devices, the mask can even be cut directly including the bands (no sewing required)
– the items are washable at 60 ° C, washing at 90 ° C and sterilizing at 75 ° C are also possible
– the fabrics are tested and meet STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX product class 2 (skin contact), items without printing-additive / FR also meet product class I (skin contact for babies)

The following items are already used by our customers:

DecoTex 7058 / DecoTex GFS 7048GFS: Standard Decotex, easy processing (most used article today)
Brush GFS 7818GFS: Particularly soft, roughened inside for best wearing comfort
BiFlex GFS 8484GFS: Polyester-Elastane mixture, elastic

For all fabrics, we recommend washing the finished masks before wearing, both to improve comfort and for hygienic reasons.

We are currently working on the development and certification of additional antibacterial / antiviral equipment. We will keep you up to date.

Please contact us for further information and data sheets for the articles and also inform yourself e.g. on the Internet on the differences to medical masks.

Please stay healthy!