GOF forest grows - further plantings with PLANT-MY-TREE®

Since December 2019, we have been a climate protection partner of PLANT-MY-TREE® and support reforestation projects in Germany.

With your help, over 3,481 trees have already been planted. Now the next planting site has been determined – in the southern Harz region another 1,382 seedlings will soon take root.

In total, more than 12,000 m² of forest area was reforested.

The production of fabrics from recycled PET saves approx. 29% CO2 compared to virgin PET. In addition, for every roll of recycled polyester fabric sold, an area of approximately 2.5 sqm is reforested and after only 21 years the carbon footprint of this roll is fully compensated.

(average CO2 absorption of a tree 12.5 kg/year)

Continue to support this environmental project with fabrics from our Retex+RC product family:

Re-PolyCanvas GFS | 7582RCGFS
Re-FrameTex GFS | 7188RCGFS
Re-DecoTex GFS | 7058RCGFS
Re-Jetflag GS | 6144RCGS
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