Local vs. Global - There can be no discussion when it comes to recycled polyester

Sustainability and circular economy are the trends of our time.

Local vs. Global / lokal

To ensure our lifestyle and prosperity, the economy must be consistently oriented towards sustainability.

For polyester fabrics made from recycled yarn, there is only “one” sustainable approach: the material must be collected locally, recycled locally, and processed locally.

Nowadays, recycled polyester yarn is made from PET bottles. This recycling process is significantly more energy-efficient than the production of polyester from oil and also reduces waste that would otherwise end up in nature. For these reasons, fabrics made from recycled polyester are the fastest-growing category of articles at GOF.

We exclusively use recycled yarn from European production and process it in our own knitting and finishing plant, 100% in Germany.

Here are the main points of our offer for you:

  • Certified post-consumer PET collected in the vicinity of the recycling plant
  • Collected and recycled in Europe
  • Short transportation routes
  • CO₂ compensation: For each roll of “RETeX+”, our afforestation partner PLANT-MY-TREE plants a tree, and already over 5000 trees have been newly planted on an area of 13,500 square meters
  • 3 photovoltaic systems (at each production site) with a total installed capacity of 2459 kW
  • Heat recovery system for the lowest energy requirement in textile finishing
  • Further energy-saving measures (LED lighting, modern machinery, energy-optimized capacity planning, etc.)

For our customers, this means:

  • Clear positioning for high-quality, sustainably produced fabrics from Germany
  • No mere greenwashing or certificate collection.
  • Security and transparency for you and your customers

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Responsible action has its price, but it ensures the advantage that we and you need in daily competition in global markets.

With us as a partner, you can clearly and distinctly position yourself as a pioneer in sustainability without resorting to greenwashing or certificate collection.

The more this approach is communicated, the better it is for all of us and of course for nature. Let us go this way together.

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