INKTeX+ | The pioneer for Inkjet- direct printing

INKTeX+® is a registered trademark belonging to Georg+Otto Friedrich.

For many years printing on polyester fabrics was limited to transfer printing. However, insufficient print through meant that this process could not be used on flags and banners. It changes when Georg+Otto Friedrich announced its innovation: INKTeX + in 1990.

This new equipment caused a paradigm shift in the digital printing industry. The treatment of polyester fabrics with INKTeX + makes it possible to print directly on textile using traditional transfer printing machines. In many places this has led to a change in technology and more efficiency.

INKTeX+ has quickly become synonymous with advanced digital printing by combining the advantages of transfer and direct printing to deliver a crisp, high quality print with perfect print through, high edge sharpness and a unique brilliance of color.

Today, INKTeX+ variants optimized for different inks are available. No matter which inks you use, INKTeX+ Equipments are the optimal solution.