"700 years Bochum" anniversary with fabrics from GOF

Niggemeyer Pro Imaging, Durst and Georg+Otto-Friedrich with a common project

Niggemeyer Pro Imaging has teamed up with Georg+Otto-Friedrich and Durst Group AG to produce a dramatic and colorful artwork by book illustrator Christoph Baum on a total of 150 printed fabrics as part of Bochum’s 700th anniversary celebration. These will be made available to schools and daycare centers in Bochum.

The individual pictures are provided with Velcro/fluff strips at the beginning and end, so that after “rolling out” and connecting all individual images, a coherent path of about 1800 meters in length can actually be created.

The images show important events in the city’s history over the last 700 years. In the extreme landscape format, there are scenes, buildings and “stories” typical of the city, which are presented chronologically from left to right in the smallest sections of the image.

The entire product is environmentally friendly and a good example of sustainable production.

The prints were realized on 7058RCGFS | Re-DecoTex GFS with the Durst Rhotex 325.

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