Acoustic solutions with fabrics from GOF

Acoustic solutions with fabrics from GOF. Now it’s getting quiet – does it? Textiles design rooms, acoustic solutions facilitate work – together an ideal combination. Carpets, curtains, furniture break the sound, acoustic fleeces e.g. in room dividers strengthen this effect additionally .

The special characteristics of GOF’s fabrics can be perfectly combined with acoustic elements to create a low-sound environment.

Textiles from GOF are made of such finely knitted polyester yarns that they have little effect on acoustics. Is this good or bad? Good! …because digitally printable fabrics from GOF can be used in even more versatile and universal ways for acoustic applications:

  • acoustic frame systems, as the fabric ideally transmits the sound to the sound-absorbing fleece
  • room dividers in open-plan offices with sound-absorbing fleece e.g. Chess
  • frame systems with integrated loudspeakers (e.g. DecoTex)
  • loudspeaker covers (e.g. BiFlex)
  • large speaker systems at concerts, e.g. as protection but also printed with logos (e.g. FreeMesh)
  • light panels with sound-absorbing characteristics (e.g. Flash GFS)
  • ceiling hangers that separate rooms visually but not acoustically (e.g. DecoTex)

Our team will be happy to advise you. Depending on the area of application and also the requested visual appearance, we can find the textile that is individually suitable for you.