Recycled polyester? Let's take the next step.

SEAQUAL®, GOF and you – together for clean oceans.


Did you know that marine plastic waste can become environmentally friendly polyester fibres?

This is exactly why we have been working with the SEAQUAL® initiative for years.

The aim of SEAQUAL® is to free the Mediterranean Sea from plastic waste.

Together we have developed two sustainable textiles made from recycled marine plastic:

  • DecoTex Blue | 7058RCO6GFS – made from 62 % SEAQUAL® Polyester
  • FrameTex Blue | 7188RCOGFS – made from 100 % SEAQUAL® Polyester

For every kilogram of SEAQUAL® yarn, between 0.6 kg and 1.0 kg of marine litter is removed from our oceans and with every purchase of DecoTex Blue and FrameTex Blue, you are helping to keep our oceans clean by removing plastic waste.

Together, we make a difference!

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