Come in, DecoFlag FL!

The colorful decoration and flag fabric is now certified for flame- retardancy in accordance with EN 13501 and can therefore be used perfectly indoors.

We have been producing our DecoFlag FL | Art. 6043 for over 35 years and you have probably long been familiar with it as an easy to use material for outdoor sewing flags.

We have newly certified the flame-retardant properties of DecoFlag FL. Although it is still the same as before, you can now also use it indoors – in trade fair construction, at events and for decoration.

As a fully dyed material, DecoFlag FL has an absolutely uniform color and is also a cost-effective alternative – instead of printing it yourself.

Sometimes it’s like that with old acquaintances: They just come around the corner with a surprise when you don’t expect it…

All the good reasons for DecoFlag FL at a glance:

  • flame-retardant, certified to EN 13501 – can be used indoors
  • available directly from stock in a palette of 26 bright colors, special colors can be produced on request
  • stock width 153 cm (can be produced up to 310 cm)
  • weight: 110 g/m2
  • easy to process/cold cut as there is no fraying
  • unbeatable price-performance ratio

Here it gets colorful: Download our color chart and get inspired!