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5277W | MicroClean

Fabric with unique cleaning properties, made from matrix yarn

7048ARGFS | NoMove

The classic, with special onesided anti-slip coating for decoration applications.

7048GFS | DecoTex GFS

The classic, reliable quality for frame systems, banners and advertising, our Bestseller, copied worldwide, never matched, crease-resistant according to DIN EN 22313


7048GUF | DecoTex GUF

Our well-known DecoTex with GUF coating, specially developed for printing with UV and latex inks.

7048SDFL | DecoTex SDFL

Our DecoTex in black, reliable quality for frame systems, banners and advertising application.

7048SUN | SUN

Based on our bestselling Article DecoTex: waterproof, fungicide e.g. for parasols and blow-ups