GOF goes Acoustic

Fabrics, acoustic nonwovens and the feeling of doing everything right

Acoustic elements reduce reverberation and thus contribute to a significantly better room atmosphere. Already by a covering of about 20% of the wall and/or ceiling surface a significant acoustic improvement can be seen.

Together with a major manufacturer of sound-absorbing nonwovens, we have now also had this officially certified.

This means for you:
new applications, new customers = more business

…and to make it simple:
You get the fabric, the acoustic nonwovens and the certificates – all from one source.

DecoTex GFS | 7048GFS

The classic for frame systems.

Chess GFS | 7986GFS

Unique diamond structure for interior design and acoustic applications.

GOF Acoustic15 | 8810 or GOF Acoustic40 | 8811

15mm or 40mm Acoustic nonwovens

All materials are:

– flame retardant
– mineral fiber free
– reach-compliant
– unmixed & recyclable
– and of course “made in Germany

Talk to us. Together we develop new possibilities.