“Friedrich wirkt”for climate protection!

Our customers know that we have been relying on sustainable production for many years. Now we are going one step further and initiating, together with our certified environmental protection partner PLANT-MY-TREE, a Reforestation Project to actively counteract the climate change. Its name is: Every Tree Counts!

Environmental protection partner PLANT-MY-TREE

In the past, we have invested in the development and processing of yarns made of recycled PET. The experience gained in this process ensures that our customers can fully rely on the excellent quality and printability of our recycled fabrics. Sophisticated and much valued textiles such as Re-DecoTex, Re-Jetflag and Re-Frametex make us the quality leader in this area.

More and more of our customers are focussing on environmental conscious action, and the demand for recycled materials is currently increasing. In order to support this pleasant development and to make unavoidable, development-related CO2 emissions neutral, we invest a part of our revenue in the Reforestation Project “Every Tree Counts”. Two things are important to us! First of all: concrete, quantifiable results and, secondly: reforestation in Germany – that is, where CO2 emissions take place. As a location we chose the town of Utscheid in the Rhineland-Palatinate state.

This means that one square metre of forest is planted for each roll of recycled material sold. In 2019, 546 new trees have already been afforested in Utscheid, but this is only the beginning, in 2020, we have set ourselves the goal of quadrupling this number!

Help us with this by making a very important contribution to the preservation of our habitat with every metre of printed fabric. Join us, because Every Tree Counts.

Get more information about our our recycled RETeX+ fabrics here.

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