FrameTex GUF -a visual highlightin your living room

Due to the delicate, soft touch, the crease-resistant structure and the simple processing our FrameTex GUF is not only suitable for banners and frame systems. These characteristics also allow the usage as textile wallpaper and wall decoration – for a visual highlight in your living room.

FrameTex GUF - a visual highlight in your living room

How to use:

  • coating for optimal adhesion of the wallpaper paste
  • no fraying of cut edge
  • slight elasticity for optimal adjustment on the wall
  • no bubbles, easy to process
  • slight air permeability
  • soft grip, wrinkle resistant
  • no odours
  • very good runnability and printing properties
  • best color vibrancy
  • available ex stock in widths: 320 cm, 505 cm
  • flame retardant
  • weight: approx. 210 g/m²

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