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Home of Georg+Otto Friedrich,  the leading manufacturer of textile solutions in Europe. Our focus is on innovative solutions for digital printing and technical textiles for industrial applications. We produce at three locations, exclusively in Germany.

As an owner-managed company with more than 70 years of experience and our own product development, we offer individual textile solutions for your requirements.


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Our Philosophy

Outstanding product quality make us the leading manufacturer of warp knitted textiles in Europe. And our top five corporate values ensure this leadership.


As a fourth-generation family business, we are aware of our responsibility for people, society and nature. The relationship between customers, partners and employees if full of appreciation.

Resource efficient

We develop textiles, which serve the people and preserve the nature. Our commitment Going Green by Friedrich connects five aspects for environment and resources.


We produce high-quality textiles at various locations, exclusively in Germany. We are committed to further developments of our products and processes and we do not want to be surpassed by anybody.


With new ideas we create outstanding textiles for the digital printing. We think and act with regards to solutions and facing technical challenges. We always keep an eye on effectiveness and customer benefits.


A clear focus on the production of polyester warp knitted textiles and an experience of 70 years, we are the leading producer in this field in Europe. Our annual production of 7800 tons could cover 15 pitches a day.


We create solutions with a high degree of customer benefit for a common future. Sustainable customer relationships are important to us, therefore everything we do - and how we do - is leading to a perfect product and service quality. We want to fulfill your wishes and exceeding your requirements.

More than


Square meter produced fabrics each month

Expertise, lived globally

Over 70 years of experience and development are also reflected in capacities. We produce more than 650 tons of raw material per month – that’s about 5.0 million square meters of finished fabrics. This enormous production volume, international distributors and the strategic placement of our delivery warehouses allow the supply to customers all over the world from Hong Kong to South Africa, from the USA to South America – and of course all of Europe – with the outstanding Georg+Otto Friedrich quality.



years of experience

More than


tons of raw material per month

That is


million square meter of produced fabrics

Exports to more than



Fields of Application

Innovative solutions for digital printing

Our portfolio contains warp-knitted textiles for sublimation-, direct-, screen, UV and Latex printing in highest quality.

We supply different finishing for a wide range of applications up to a width of 540 cm. In our productfinder you will find the ideal solution for your needs.

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Technical textiles for industrial applications

In the field of technical textiles, our fabrics are often the basis of high-quality components. The areas of application and possibilities are almost limitless and for each application there is a specific and complex requirement profile.

Together with our customers, we develop the ideal solution for this.

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Our Partners

To ensure sustainable action, means...

To take environmental responsibility

To take environmentalresponsibility

As the leading manufacturer of textile solutions in Europe and as the world market leader in knitted polyester materials for digital printing, we have a special responsibility in environmental and social issues. For this reason, we do not only focus on the highest possible quality, but also on the highest possible environmental standards. For many years, we have been pioneering the processing of recycled yarns. Since 2018, we have been increasing our contribution as part of a self-commitment initiative: With GOING GREEN by Friedrich, we have created a concept that contains five environmental aspects of our value added chain and ensures sustainable action.

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We look forward to receiving your enquiries or suggestions. Please send us an e-mail or just call us.

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We look forward to receiving your enquiries or suggestions. Please send us an e-mail or just call us.

+49 6071 492-0

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